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True Love: How To Know You've Found It

Some people search their whole lives to find it - others have seemingly found it, over and over. What is True Love, and how can we know if we've truly captured it?

Below are some tell-tale signs that you're in the midst of True Love.

20 May

"When I Saw You I Fell in Love, and You Smiled Because You Knew"

Just uttering the words 'True Love' can garner a couple of eye-rolls, depending on who hears it.

What seems so real to some people, and yet isn't more than a fairytale concept to others, is the idea that somewhere out there awaits 'The One' - The perfect partner, that one magical person who you'll fall instantly in love with, and with whom you'll spend the rest of your days.

True love has been glamourised and dramatised throughout Hollywood since the early days, (Breakfast at Tiffany's, anyone?) and the concept's been muddied with on-screen exaggeration, and seemingly perfect love stories woven into the films we watch every day. As a result, a lot of people are skeptical on whether it ever even existed.

What does exist though - at least for some - is the idea that there's someone in the world with whom you can share a connection on the deepest level. A partner who allows you to grow as a person more than you could ever do alone. A beacon of light who can turn your darkest moments bright, as if by magic.

Some people search their whole lives to find it - others have seemingly found it, over and over. How can we know if we've found The One? Read on for some tell-tale signs.

The relationship gives you a sense of inner calm.

Some relationships can be tough - we've all been there. Turmoil and love don't make a healthy cocktail, and the ups and downs of a rollercoaster romance can erode both you and your partner's love for each other gradually.

Having a sense of inner peace or calmness while in a relationship is a symptom of a strong, positive connection. While occasional bickering and disagreements are part of any normal relationship, having an overall feeling of safety, peace and togetherness with your partner might be a sign that you've stumbled upon true, healthy love.

You've been thinking about the future - a lot.

Being present and living in the moment is something you should strive to maintain as much as possible, but sometimes an exciting relationship can make you daydream about the future.

If you're picturing a happy, yet realistic life with your other half, be it in the near or far future, it could be evidence that this person is The One. Just don't lose sight of the present moment!

You compliment them behind their back all the time.

I'm sure we all know a handful (or more) of people who aren't as nice when you're not in the room. Sometimes in a relationship you might feel like you haven't quite got much to compliment your partner on, and maybe this is a sign to step away.

While it can be easy to compliment your partner to their face to make them happy, a sign of truly caring for and loving somebody is when you find yourself frequently complimenting and talking about them, even when they're not around.

You miss them the moment they leave.

Especially true for newer couples, sometimes it can feel like even though you've been together for days or weeks, you miss your partner dearly as soon as you're apart.

While it's healthy to be spend time apart every so often, if you find yourself missing your other half a lot then it might be a sign that you're truly head over heels. It could also be a red flag for an unhealthy dependency on your partner, so be sure to balance out your time together with some well needed 'me time'. Absence makes the heart grow fonder, after all!

They're the first person to hear your news or gossip.

Picture this: You've just heard the juiciest story in the office or out with your friends, and you HAVE to tell somebody else about it. Who's the lucky listener who gets to hear it first? If the answer is your partner, then he or she just might be soulmate material.

This goes for bad news too. If you find yourself consistently going to that one person for support through tough news or uncertain times, it shows how invested you are in your relationship with them, and that can be a good sign (as long as they're providing you with the support you're seeking).

You can communicate without even opening your mouth.

Soulmates can often connect ardently on a deeper level than just vocal communication. If your significant other picks up on your subtle emotional signals - like offering a hug when you seem upset, or letting you know they're here for you, even when they understand you might not want to talk - it's a beautiful hint that they might be The One.

This works both ways of course - ever feel like you can read your partner before they've even said a word? Communication that transcends words is yet another mark of a strong, loving relationship.

You've changed - but you're happy about it.

Life is an endless stream of peaks and troughs, changes and unexpected twists. Oftentimes, you'll have written a script in your head based on the path you'd like your life to follow, and suddenly a person arrives on set and totally alters the course of your self-manufactured story.

If you find yourself changing your outlook on life - from your opinions and values, down to even your goals for the future - it can be an indication of a powerful, life-changing relationship. (Provided you're happy with these changes, of course!)

A perfect example of the power of a good relationship is when you realise that since you've met this one person, you've started doing things you never thought you'd have interest in. As long as you're happy, a partner who makes you want to change your ways (and become a better you) is a partner for life.

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