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10 Must-Have Wedding Props To Make Your Wedding Pop

Below are our picks of the top 10 Must-Have Wedding Props to date, including their location, guest capacity and website link to the wedding venues. All chosen venues below are bespoke and unique in their own ways.

28 Nov

10. Edible Displays

Wedding Edible Displays

Food is art and it is very popular at weddings! Some couples are making their centrepieces edible whilst maintaining this expected beauty. These displays can be fun, entertaining, and engaging for your guests. A sure way to put a smile on everyone’s faces. An edible flower centrepiece or edible giveaways are perfect for this wedding prop idea.

9. Interactive Food / Drink Stations

Interactive Pizza Station

Couples are always looking to offer something interactive for their guests to do. These interactive food stations and bars are really fun activities for a wedding, that highlight different food and drinks offered by your caterer. Why not customise your mix during the newlywed’s cocktail hour? To add a personal touch, you can offer guests your favourite foods, or you can make a cocktail mix that is named after you and your partner.

8. Souvenirs

Champagne Mini Souvenirs

A great idea to show your thanks to your family and guests by sending them a wonderful gift they can actually make use of. They can be related to health & beauty, like shampoo, soap, or moisturiser. The possibilities are endless.

7. Fingerprint Trees

Fingerprint Trees

A popular trend at weddings these days are fingerprint trees. They act as a guestbook where people put their finger in coloured ink or paint and place it on a picture to create a leaf on a tree. Once every guest has put their print on the page it creates a full tree. It acts as a beautiful reminder of your wedding day and all who attended.

6. Giant Letters

3D Light Up LOVE Letters

Giant letters are another great addition to your wedding venue. They double up as props for photos and as a nice display at your venue. You can go for your initials, your names or you can choose to have the word love as a backdrop.

5. Flower Installations/Displays

Flower Installations/Displays

Flower installations are becoming a popular trend to have as a centrepiece design. Wedding guests love and enjoy the intricate designs and styles. It is no surprise that couples love to have these arrangements added all over the reception and at the ceremony. 

4. Signage

Wedding Signage

The increased use of personalised signage will be clearly noticed in weddings nowadays. Chart displays, light, boxes, and letter boards are some of the most common wedding signage styles. Many couples use these to showcase their fun and creative style to everyone attending their wedding. Many guests also use these as their ‘Instagram’ backgrounds.

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3. Tree branches

White Tree Branches

The simple tree branch can look so stylish and can be used to transform any space! Set the tree branches in a pot of clay in front of a back lit white curtain or fairy light wall, spray paint white, or add to tall glass jars with white roses, carnations, or orchids. The tree branch can act as a gorgeous addition to your ceremony or reception.

2. Flower wall

Flower Wall

While floral arches, arrangements and displays will always be a ‘go to’ wedding décor option, they really are such a pretty way to brighten up any wedding venue. Flower walls are very popular at weddings, guests adore them for the gorgeous background they provide for pictures.

1. Photo Booths

Photo booth

The classic photo booth is still a strong favourite among couples to have at their wedding receptions. Not only do photo booths supply everyone with great mementos from the special day, they are great fun and a fabulous way to entertain guests!

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