What is a Baby Naming Ceremony? Everything You Need To Know

A Baby Naming ceremony is the perfect way to welcome, name and celebrate a unique and beautiful little person as they begin their life, and enter yours. A special privilege for us, as Reverends/celebrants. Read on to find out more about Naming ceremonies and what's involved.

8 Jun

“Like stars are to the sky, so are the children to our world. They deserve to shine.”

A Baby Naming Ceremony (or Naming Ceremony, for short) will vary greatly depending on your family's requirements, and on who you've chosen to deliver the ceremony. Every Naming Ceremony is unique and some celebrants may offer different structures or additions. In general, the idea of a Naming Ceremony is to celebrate and welcome a new life into one's family, and for families to publicly declare their love for their new child.

What we offer at Celebrant Ireland is a faith neutral/faith friendly approach to your Naming Ceremony, wherein the structure will often resemble that of more traditional Naming Ceremonies. We cover everything from an intimate ceremony in the home, or outside in nature, to more extravagant celebrations and parties. We can incorporate elements of a couple’s traditions, cultural practices or ideas into a Naming Ceremony that is meaningful to them and their family.

Structure of a Naming Ceremony

While each welcoming celebration will be different depending on the families circumstances, culture, etc. your Naming Ceremony (when delivered by Celebrant Ireland) will generally comprise of some or all of the following elements:

  • Opening music - Your choice of music or song
  • Introduction - Welcome, words of appreciation for family/friends
  • Promises and vows from parents to baby
  • Introduction of guide parents / godparents
  • Promises and vows from guide parents / godparents
  • Vow of support from all gathered
  • Enhancement - e.g. hand and footprint ceremony
  • Reading 1 - Your choice (we provide sample readings)
  • Enhancement - e.g. memory box (soft instrumental piece of music playing)
  • Formal naming - The meaning behind baby's name
  • Lighting a dedication candle (soft instrumental piece of music playing)
  • Reading 2 - Your choice
  • Family coloured sand blending
  • Closing words
  • Closing music

We can have a Rose Petal and Water Ceremony at the beginning of the Ceremony, where towards the end of the ceremony, the baby's little hands and feet are sprinkled with rose water (or, if you prefer, Holy water). We can also read a short story in the ceremony for the children present. At the end of the ceremony we can go outside to release eco balloons, white feathers or butterflies.

Naming Ceremonies in Different Cultures

Different cultures and religions use different methods of practice, with some common examples being the Baptism ceremony in Christianity, or the Namkaran or Namakarana Sanskar of Hinduism, an elaborate Ceremony delivered on the 12th day after birth.

A Baptism, which is a Christian Naming Ceremony.

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We will open our minds and hearts together to come up with your Perfect Celebration.

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