Low key, just you and me? Elope for a private and
intimate ”I can’t say I do without you” moment for your wedding ceremony.

Happy Couple After Wedding

Elopements in bygone eras:

Historically, elopements were often associated with weddings that did not fit neatly into the times’ strict societal norms. Irish marriage laws in the eighteenth and nineteenth century were restrictive.

For example;

● Interfaith marriages could present a legal challenge.
● Marriage across social class was frowned upon by many.
● A declaration of intent to marry had to be declared, the couple’s community and family (known as the wedding banns).
● Only a clergyman had the power to officiate the marriage ceremony.
● It was expected of the bride’s parents that they provided a dowry of goods or cash.

Any couple who had difficulty fitting into these norms often had only one option for their wedding - to elope in secret, to run away for their wedding, just the two of them.

Bet you are glad you are a twenty-first-century human!

Thankfully, the pressures that these eloping couples faced have faded into the mists of time. We live in a world where there are many ways to celebrate your wedding ceremony and party.

Nowadays, elopement is a decision made because it’s the top choice of the couple to be married.

Elopement happens now for very different reasons and might be the answer to your perfect wedding ceremony.

If you ...

● Fancy the privacy of an intimate wedding, where all of your attention is for each other.
● Are not a fan of huge gatherings.
● Want to shape a day that is just about the two of you, without the pressure of making sure guests are having a good time.
● Dream of being married in an enchanting location that is all yours. Ireland has so many fascinating sites and venues. Discover your very own secret place.
● Are travelling to Ireland for your wedding, and want to add mystique and mystery to the day.
● Feel great about having an intimate wedding ceremony and spectacular honeymoon for the cost of a big wedding.
● Decide you want a small group to be in on your secret, and have them witness your wedding.
● Want a Rev. or celebrant of a high calibre - look no further than ours. We respect and honour your uniqueness as a couple.
● Have two special people as witnesses for your legal documentation. They will be chuffed to be in on the secret adventure.
● Love the idea of tying the knot at the Cliffs of Moher or the King’s Inns in Dublin city, Eyre Square in Galway, Cape Clear Island off the coast of Cork - or a secluded venue you discovered on your travels or in your dreams of Ireland.

If any of the above reasons for eloping resonate with you, why not just do it?

Technology is your friend when planning a ceremony from abroad. It is as easy as meeting in person. We can connect with you on video calls to navigate the time zones. Planning your elopement ceremony is easy. Your chosen celebrant or Rev. can meet with you in-person or online at a time that suits you. Be creative and imaginative as you take your vows. It’s all about your love and commitment, which is unlike any other.

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