Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Civil Wedding Celebrant?

A Wedding Celebrant has been trained to create unique, bespoke and personalised wedding ceremonies for Heterosexual and Same Sex Couples or Couples looking to get re-married or renew their vows. 

There are no set rules or restrictions to what can and cannot be contained within a wedding ceremony performed by a wedding celebrant. 
The content of the ceremony is decided by the couple.

What is the difference between a wedding performed by a Civil Celebrant and a Humanist ceremony?

A Humanist ceremony is not allowed to contain any religious content. 
Humanism is the belief in placing importance in the human person rather than a divine God or Gods. By choosing to have your wedding performed by a wedding celebrant instead of a humanist you have the freedom to have an entirely non-religious wedding or to include some prayers, readings or blessings that may be important to you or your family and loved ones.

What are the requirements to get married in Ireland?

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Where can we get married?

By signing legal documents with the HSE you can have your wedding ceremony performed at any venue of your choice.

It has to be accessible, safe and appropriate, you could get married in a castle, in a forest or a hotel or even on a beach! The choice is up to you.

Do we need to be married by a registrar?

No, I am Registered and fully Qualified to perform Legal Marriage Ceremonies anywhere on the entire Island of Ireland (approved by governing bodies).

How is a Civil Celebrant different from a priest or a minister?

A civil celebrant does not represent any religion or any set of particular faith beliefs. They have the knowledge and expertise to include religious elements in your ceremony if you wish or it can be entirely secular. Some people may not be church goers but feel a connection to something spiritual. The civil celebrant and couple can work together to include prayers or religious readings that you or members of your wider family feel you have a connection with.

How much will a Civil Celebrant Cost?

The general costs are very reasonable for the
service that is included such as all of our
consultation meetings, the writing of your love story, the delivery of your wedding ceremony including any ceremonial enhancements you wish to use. For a quote, feel free to contact me.

What are the next steps to get started with a Civil Ceremony?

The First thing you need to do is - get in touch as soon as you can with your date.
You can imagine Fridays and Saturdays in the summer are always extremely busy!
We can arrange a meeting with both of you to begin the process of planning your civil wedding ceremony.

We can discuss what you want (and perhaps more importantly) what you do not want.

You can explain to me the story of your relationship, how you met, the proposal, what marriage means to both of you, etc. and this will form the centre piece of the wedding ceremony. We will discuss readings, reflections, vows, etc. Then we can draw up the first draft of the ceremony for us to work on together in the coming months. It is good to meet face to face in person for our initial meeting and subsequent meetings can be in person or over the phone if it is more convenient.

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