At the saddest and most vulnerable time in your life, how difficult is it to organise a funeral? It is such a difficult time for loved ones.

With our help, your Ceremony will offer an honest, reverent and comforting goodbye.

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The death of your loved one is a traumatic event. Honouring their life with a personal and graceful funeral is your final tribute. We are committed to offering you the final farewell that expresses your love for your dearly departed. Love never ends.

In our role as your funeral celebrant, be assured that we empathise with your great loss. We contact you personally to discuss every detail of the funeral of your loved one. We have gathered a wealth of music, readings, poems, and rituals that are available to you, so that your family can decide how best to pay your final tribute. We can write the eulogy that you don't have time to compose, based on your desired content. We lead your unique ceremony in a sensitive, dignified, and professional manner. We support you each step of the way on this difficult journey, as you lay your loved one to rest. We have many funeral suppliers and funeral directors on our site too.

Pre-planning for ones own funeral is a fairly recent concept, here in Ireland. Although it is difficult to think about our own death, it can also be a liberating and healing process. When your wishes are made known to your loved ones, you are assuring them that their last farewell to you is exactly as you want. This is a real gift.

Funeral Enhancements

Candlelight Vigil

A candlelight vigil is a symbolic way to show how one person has touched so many. Passing the flame to each mourner has a powerful impact, that is beyond words.

Message in a Bottle

Before the service, those closest to the deceased write a note expressing their heart felt memories of their loved one.  At the service, these messages are rolled up and placed inside a glass bottle, which is then corked and tossed into the water during a moment of silence. This symbolises the hopes for continued connection with their loved one even though they are no longer physically with us.

Ceremony of the Rose

The Ceremony of the Rose is yet another way to pay homage to a departed loved one, and it can involve only those closest to the loved one or every person in attendance at the service. A vase is set up beside a framed photo on a separate table, and each person is given a rose to place in the vase as they bid farewell their loved one, in silent remembering or in prayer. Depending upon how many people are involved, music adds a lovely touch during this ritual.

Butterfly Release

Butterflies symbolise transition in many ways. Releasing butterflies during the service or gathering can be a very moving experience, as a visual representation that love is stronger than death.

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