Ceremony Music

You don’t need us to tell you that music adds atmosphere and magic to any ceremony. Make your music matter.

Music, song, and dance break down boundaries. It's a common language, in which we can communicate from our hearts. It stirs our souls in ways that talking cannot do. When it comes to your ceremony, great music gives it that extra layer of beauty and connection.

Layout of Ceremony Music

• Walking down the aisle.
• When lighting Candles. (Soft instrumental music)
• Signing the Register (Weddings only).
• Closing/Exiting music.

It draws the listeners into a sense of a loving space. There is a creative abundance of music available for every mood and personal preference. Choose meaningful instrumentals or your favourite songs to open your ceremony, to highlight key, heartfelt moments, and to close your ceremony on a note that is perfect for you.

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