A brief overview of the legal process for marriage in Ireland.

Following your obligatory minimum of three months notice of your intent to marry with the HSE, they will give you a marriage notification appointment.

If everything is in order at this appointment, the Registrar will give you a marriage registration form - sometimes called a marriage licence or "The Green Folder". This is the document you will sign at the legal part of your wedding.  Refer to the HSE information for exact details.

For your marriage to be legal, it is one of our Reverends who performs your ceremony. That Reverend must be on the HSE Register of Solemnisers in order to sign the documentation that legalises your marriage.

The legal signing is done by you, the couple, the Reverend, and your two witnesses on your wedding day. This legal signing is seamlessly included in your exclusive and unique wedding ceremony, in an appropriate setting, as defined and approved of by the HSE.

Our Reverends can perform legal weddings in the Republic of Ireland, Northern Ireland, and in Scotland.

Our celebrants can perform your wedding ceremony, which is also personal and individual to you. However, please note that our celebrants cannot perform legal weddings.

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