For a marriage to be legal in Ireland, the ceremony must be performed by a solemniser. You will find our Reverends on the Register of Solemnisers:

Download the latest Republic of Ireland registry version - PDF or XLS.

We as Reverends are in the category 'religious' on the Registry.

This does not mean that you must have religious elements in your ceremony, but you can choose to have religious/semi-religious, spiritual or nature elements. Or not, in line with your own beliefs.

Your legal wedding can be carried out on the day of your wedding ceremony, 7 days a week. As Interfaith Ministers/Reverends, we can carry out a legal wedding ceremony in the Republic of Ireland, Northern Ireland and Scotland. Our Reverends offer profoundly personal ceremonies.

Our celebrants offer a unique wedding ceremony, which is not a legal​ ceremony. If you choose a celebrant, you must also go to​ the HSE registrar to solemnise the marriage, in order to be legally married.

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