Are Micro-Weddings The New Go-To For a COVID Marriage?

HOPE - the year of 2020 will always be marked as a year of challenge, but more importantly, a year of Hope. In every lockdown story that will be told, there will always be the element of Hope.

28 Nov

In 2021, we hope that we will all stay safe in this time of pandemic and that life can return to normal.  This year is especially difficult for couples who have had their wedding plans interrupted, altered or cancelled.

Here at Celebrant Ireland we can help you make your reduced wedding ceremony wonderful.

Your wedding ceremony is the formal, legal beginning of your marriage, witnessed by family and friends, and is likely to be the most important day of your lives.

However, under current Government regulations, the number of witnesses/guests at your wedding is restricted.  While this means that your celebration may be curtailed, it doesn’t mean that any element of your ceremony need be removed or changed.  Conversely, your ceremony can be even more special than you imagine.

The most important people at your wedding ceremony are you and your beloved.  Add to this, the people you love most and whose desire is to witness your happiness and wish you the very best things in life on your special day.  The advantage of a micro ceremony is that it is more intimate, more personal and therefore more memorable.  Without the usual pressure, and no forced itinerary, you can indulge your most precious wishes, from venue, location and theme.

You can give more thought to your vows, which will not be diminished because fewer people witness them.  You can involve all your guests in the ceremony if you wish.  Think of them forming a complete loving circle around you as you exchange vows and rings.  Your choice of readings, and music will have the same relevance in a micro ceremony.  Your ceremony will maintain the same solemn meaning and will incorporate all the same elements of a larger ceremony, including your first kiss and walking down the aisle as a married couple.

There is no reason why you can’t have your ‘Big’ wedding reception at a later date!  When all the madness of the pandemic is over, and we are free to mix again, everyone will be in the mood to celebrate.  You have the most relevant occasion to celebrate – your marriage!  There is no reason why you cannot repeat your entire wedding, minus the legal signings, the stress and the nervousness, but with ALL of the excitement and joy.

HOPE – yes HOPE has arrived in the form of a VACCINE!  The whole world is holding its breath with the breakthrough in medical vaccination which could be available in the next few months.  So, don’t be afraid to start planning your wedding, or any other relevant family milestones – because HOPEFULLY, it is only a matter of time until we can all be together again!

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