Family Ceremony Layout

If a church baptism, communion or confirmation is not a good fit for your beliefs, then why not have our alternatives?

A celebrate me day.

All family ceremonies are as unique as your precious bundle of joy. This is just a sample. We can craft your one of a kind ceremony to align with your family configuration, and how you wish to welcome and bless the new gift of life you have been given.

Layout of ceremony

Opening music - Your choice of music or song
Introduction - Welcome, words of appreciation for family/friends
Promises and vows from parents to baby
Introduction of guide parents / godparents
Promises and vows from guide parents / godparents
Vow of support from all gathered
Enhancement - e.g. hand and footprint ceremony
Reading 1 - Your choice (we provide sample readings)
Enhancement - e.g. memory box (soft instrumental piece of music playing)
Formal naming - The meaning behind baby's name
Lighting a dedication candle (soft instrumental piece of music playing)
Reading 2 - Your choice
Family coloured sand blending
Closing words
Closing music

We can have a rose petal and water ceremony at the beginning of the ceremony. Towards the end of the ceremony, the baby's little hands and feet are sprinkled with rose water.

We can read a short story in the ceremony for the children present. At the end of the ceremony we can go outside to release eco balloons, white feathers or butterflies.

Let's plan your ceremony today.

From birth to death - and all ceremonies in between - we're here to help you celebrate life's biggest moments.

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