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Rev. Keith McCarthy

Rev. Keith McCarthy


I am honoured to introduce myself as an Interfaith Minister. From my own life experience, I have felt the heaviness of the challenges that are visited upon us, as child or adult. By nature, I am a positive person and indeed I was lucky enough in recent years to be introduced to spiritual counselling. I knew immediately, that I had found my true calling. I have always lived my life in a spiritual way, driven from within by a longing for peace, joy and love.  

I now embrace and share spiritual counselling with those who need support. With your permission, I will listen and offer you a helping hand, to gather your splintered strengths, and make them whole again. Together we will find a safe place where you can release your brokenness through tears, darkness, frustration, anger and laughter - without judgement, in each confidential session. With gentle guidance and grace, your heart, mind and spirit can reintegrate towards balance and harmony. I also recognise the power of ceremony to mark life’s milestones and offer my services for weddings, baby blessings/namings, and funerals.

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Rev. Keith McCarthy

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