Baby Naming

Birth and new life are miracles. A baby is a priceless gift.

A naming ceremony is your opportunity to welcome, name and celebrate this unique and beautiful little person as they begin their life, and enter yours. And a special privilege for us, as Celebrants.

The first cry, the first opening of the little eyes and the questioning stare, the little fingers curled around your thumb, the indignant feet kicking on the outside instead of the inside, the gentle fragrance of new baby – everything about the arrival of new life that is beautiful and worth celebrating.

Next comes the name - that one your child will answer to for a lifetime. Will you choose it to be a family name, a historical name, the name of your favourite singer, actor or footballer – or a meaningful name that you create, a once off?

Allow us to craft your perfect ceremony. We can include enhancements to ensure your ceremony will be as unique as your baby. The following are some examples - Imagine a naming video to entertain at the future 18th or 21st birthday, or just to remind your child of the people who were significant others, from day one. Take hand or footprints for posterity. A memory box to hold a copy of your parental pledge and the pledges of your chosen guide parents. A memory book to record the loving wishes of family and friends. Rose petal water for a blessing.

The possibilities are endless. Together we can create the most wonderful day, for your family and your little bundle of joy.

Let's plan your ceremony today.

From birth to death - and all in between - we're here to help you celebrate life's biggest moments.

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