Ceremony Enhancements

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Unity Candle

This tradition is one of the oldest traditions practiced in both religious and secular Wedding Ceremonies.


Handfasting is an ancient Celtic tradition, where the couples hands are bound with ribbons or an Irish Crios.

Wishing Tree

A Dutch tradition, where guests write their good luck wishes for the couple, and hang them on the tree during the ceremony.

Wishing Stones

Guests warm the stones with their hands, and make a wish for the couple, to be presented in the ceremony. Keepsakes that will last a lifetime.

Ring Warming

Your guests have opportunity to add their love and blessings on your marriage, as your wedding bands are passed around before your ring exchange.

Sand Blending

The couple, and perhaps their children, choose sand from their favourite beach, or even sand of a favourite colour. Each person pours their sand into a special jar or container.

Wine Box

The couple put a bottle of their drink of preference into a box, alongside a love letter to the other. The box is then sealed, and kept for a special occasion, such as an anniversary.

Rose Ceremony

During the rose ceremony, a single red rose can be exchanged by the newly married couple, wordlessly communicating “I love you”, or “the rose is our first gift exchange in our married life”.

Jumping the Broom

The significance of the Jumping the Broom ceremony is that the couple is symbolically leaving their single lives in the past, and moving on to married life.

Last Kiss Before First Kiss

The ritual of the last kiss before the first kiss makes for a tender moment in your ceremony.

Celtic Traditions

In ancient Ireland, there was a rich tradition of Celtic rituals. Choose a modern version for your wedding to celebrate your Irish heritage.

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