Wishing Stones

Guests warm the stones with their hands, and make a wish for the couple, to be presented in the ceremony. Keepsakes that will last a lifetime.

Wishing Stones

If you would like to include all of your guests in a ceremony enhancement, the wishing stones option is a lovely enhancement to any ceremony.

You and your partner may collect stones from your favourite beach or you can purchase washed and polished stones, or even stones engraved with your names, or wedding date stones in you can purchase washed and polished stones or even stones engraved with your names or wedding date.

As your guests enter the ceremony venue, a child/children give a stone to each guest as they enter.

Or you may place a stone on each seat.

Early in the ceremony, we explain to your guests that you would like them you to warm to keep the stones in the palm of their hands, during the ceremony.

The warmth of their hands, symbolically imbues the stone with your hear felt good intentions, hopes and wishes for you as a couple as entering into your married lives together.

At the end of the ceremony, either a child/children collect the stones in a container of your choice, or the guests drop/place the stones into a vessel as they exit the ceremony space.

The couple take their container home reminding them of their wonderful wedding day and the good wishes bestowed upon them.

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