Ring Warming

Your guests have opportunity to add their love and blessings on your marriage, as your wedding bands are passed around before your ring exchange.

A heartwarming and personal ritual.

Ring Warming is basically when your wedding rings are “warmed” by each of your guests at the beginning of your wedding ceremony.

Step 1

The wedding rings are usually secured to a piece of ribbon, placed in a box or fastened to a cushion before your wedding ceremony.

Ring Warming Ribbon

Step 2

Reverend will inform your guests that the rings are going to be passed around to each of them in what is known as a “ring warming ceremony”.

Celebrant Ireland Ceremony Podium

Step 3

Each guest will be asked to hold your rings for a moment and make a silent wish for you, your marriage and the years that are to follow this special day. Music can be played while the rings are being passed around to create ambience.

Old Wrinkled Hands

Step 4

After the wedding rings have been passed to each guest they will be returned to the couple or the best man for use when saying the vows.

Wedding Rings in Boxes

The whole idea of a “Ring Warming Ceremony” is that your wedding rings have been “warmed” forever by the well wishes, positive vibes and loving energies of each guest. This is an extremely personal way to get your guests involved in the wedding ceremony.

For a large wedding of 100 guests or more passing your rings around may take up a lot of time!

So instead of the steps outlined above, you can simply tie your wedding rings to a piece of ribbon and leave them hang from my wishing tree, if you like. Place a sign near the wishing tree instructing guests to hold the rings in their hands for a moment and make a wish for you both. Kindly ask your best man to guard the rings until it’s time to start the wedding ceremony!

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