Coming of Age

Our times are changing - make new traditions, for your next generation.

Coming of Age Ceremony

Gone are the days when reaching childhood milestones were limited to ceremonies within the limits of a specific church. Yet, marking the age of reason in mid-childhood, and the transition from child to teen is as relevant today as it was in the past. You are your child’s moral compass, and this is your time to gently guide them with your values, and affirm their wholeness.  

As alternatives to church rites, celebrate these life passage moments with your child, along with family and friends with a ‘Celebration of Wonder’ or ‘Growing in Love’ or ‘Celebrate Me’ ceremony.

Include rituals such as gift sharing, a ‘How You Have Grown’ story or many others, as a loving expression of your dear child. In collaboration with you, we can create a meaningful ceremony to honour the unfolding of the beauty and individuality of your beloved son or daughter – and in a way that is really significant and inclusive.

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