Blended or Multi-Cultural

In every country worldwide, wedding traditions are passed from generation to generation.

Woman in Hijab

With increased emigration, immigration and international travel, many couples are combining elements from different cultures, religious beliefs and traditions.

The result of this blending can be the most wonderful expression of love, leading to an increased understanding and enrichment among culturally diverse families.  What a positive way to begin your marriage.

Multi-Cultural Wedding

Love and marriage are undoubtedly fundamental parts of lives around the globe and each culture celebrates love and marriage differently.  Many traditions are passed down through generations and many couples are also blending ceremonies from things they have seen whilst travelling the world from different cultures/religions/beliefs and traditions.

These blended ceremonies lend themselves to beautiful expressions of inter cultural identity. Combining elements from two or more cultures creates a thread of interconnections between families, cultures and communities. Fusing the old with the new, the ancient traditions with modern ones, enrich the ceremonial depth and vision. We incorporate these traditions into beautiful bespoke ceremonies.

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